One of the minor flaws of Quickbooks Pro is the fact you can only access the most recent bank reconciliation. Of course when you are first deciding on what version to purchase, that is not one of the options even discussed or compared.

So what happens is that you go along your merry way maintaining your accounting records in the QuickBooks Pro software. You are reconciling each month with out a glitch, good job!!    Did you print out a hard copy of your bank reconciliation?   Most will probably say no.  Whether is it just they didn’t want to bother, or they are going “GREEN”,  the reconciliation report was never printed.

The problem is Quickbooks Pro only saves the most recent reconciliation. So you can never go back and view a reconciliation report for more that a month back.

In Quickbooks Premier you can always access all previous bank reconciliations you have completed. If you don’t wish to pay the extra money and upgrade to the Premier version, here is your work around.

In Quickbooks, when ever you call up any report; under the file menu there is a “save as pdf” menu option.  I recommend when you have reconciled for the month you choose the option to view the detailed report.  Once the report is on the screen;  you then choose the “save as pdf” option in your file menu and then save the pdf onto your hard drive in a place where you keep all of your business financial documents. This way you keep a pdf version of each reconciliation you complete for easy retrieval.