OK lets be honest. When was the last time you have cleaned out your entire Inbox to EMPTY!!! nothing!!!!.. For me it has been a while. I am always thinking i will get to it “someday” Well I have decided that Today was the day….. I challenge you to do the same.

Have you ever thought how much time you spend checking responding and sorting emails costs you on a daily basis???

If you keep your inbox clear, you will know exactly what has come in, which emails require action, and which just need to be filed.

Here is a few tips I have picked up along the way:
1. Use your Junk mail options in your email software. Outlook has this amazing option called “block send” one click of that button and the next email from this spammer, will go to your junk mail folder. Such a  neat trick.
2. If you need to think about reading an email ( from stores, jokes, ads) just delete them.
3. If you have already read and responded to an email; either file it, or delete it; remember a copy is still in your sent folder.
4. Create folders to file the emails you need to retain.
5. Be careful of the “unsubscribe or opt out features” on many spam emails. Click on these links may actually add you to more email lists.

so before this  weekend is over… kick back, and clean out that Inbox…. I DARE YOU!!!!